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Take Action: Free the Children Nauru, Petition to The House of Representatives
The Befriend a Child in Detention team, in partnership with Free the Children Nauru, ask you to join in signing a formal petition to the House of Representatives. The petition is a request for a time frame for refugee resettlement and processing of people seeking asylum and that they are brought to Australia or NZ.
This is not an online petition.
There are many online petitions that are effective and do achieve significant change. However, the Government does not accept online petitions in parliament and Ministers are not obliged to respond to them. To the best of our knowledge there are no current petitions lodged with the House of Representative.
To participate please download the petition by clicking this link, print out multiple copies and start gathering signatures. Signatures must be collected by 12 September 2016.
Once you have collected your signatures please scan them and send them to or
For more details visit the Free the Children Nauru website or Facebook page