Refugee Week Sunday 18 June – Saturday 24 June


There are many ways you can participate in Refugee Week to raise awareness and support refugees across the world.

Below you will find links to activities, information sheets and other ways to participate.

1. Write a letter of support to send to children on Nauru 

1479962544_tmp_nauru_0034The Befriend a Child in Detention project sends books, resources and letters to children on Nauru intended to show them support and give them hope. You can participate in this program by writing a letter, encouraging your children to write letters by running a letter writing lesson in your class. Click this link for more information, including a letter writing guide.


2. Run a Links Not Chains program at your school

The project ‘Links, Not Chains’ is designed to allow schools across Australia to show their support for the children held in detention. Its aim is to promote a sense of compassion among children by raising awareness of the circumstances of children in detention. Click this link for more information, including a resource kit to help you run this program at your school.


3. Write a letter and/or send a postcard to your local MP, the Prime Minister or the leader of the Opposition. 

By raising awareness and educating the community and politicians about the experiences of refugees we can encourage the government to change their policies toward refugees and asylum seekers. The Befriend a Child team has created ‘This Matters To Me’ postcards that allow you to highlight to the community that the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers matters to you. Place and order and we will send you some postcards (for free) that you can distribute within your community and send to politicians. Below is an image of the postcard, front and back. Email to order some postcards.

4. Teach your children about refugees with our simple, easy to read Refugee Week Fact Sheet 2017

The Befriend a Child in Detention team have compiled a Fact Sheet with easy to read information and statistics about the experiences of refugees around the world. Use this fact sheets to update yourself with recent statistics, teach your kids about refugees or include in a lesson on refugees with your class. Click this link for downloadable Fact Sheet. 

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5. Purchase books written by refugees – while supporting children in South Sudan. 

Sharing the stories of refugees is one of the best ways to raise awareness. When we read stories we humanise the experience and refugees no longer become a statistic to us. ‘In My Kingdom’ and ‘All The Way Home’ are two books written by refugees living in Australia. Follow the links below to order your copies through Kids Own Publishing.

ALL proceeds go towards building an orphanage and school – the Bor Orphanage Community Education Project – in South Sudan.

‘In My Kingdom’

‘All The Way Home’