This Matters To Me

Befriend a Child in Detention has launched the ‘This Matters To Me’ campaign.

On 2 July 2016, Australians vote in a federal election. The election campaign period provides an opportunity for you to tell politicians and members of the public that ending the detention of asylum seeker children matters to you.

Read our Campaign Statement, written by leadership team member Bishop Philip Huggins.

What Matters To Us:

  • Children are still in detention: More than 100 children who have sought Australia’s protection are still living in appalling, detention-like conditions on Nauru; a further 317 children are living in community detention limbo in Australia.
  • Australia is a bad global citizen: Our government is flouting international treaty obligations and evading humanitarian responsibilities.
  • No long term plan: Record low levels of foreign aid mean that we are not helping to address the problems which drive desperate people to our shores.

If these issues also matter to you, then it’s time to take a stand!

What you can do:

  1. Send a letter to the candidates standing in your electorate, and other key politicians: Your elected representatives are responsible for representing your interests. Now is the time to remind politicians what matters to you. Let’s make sure that all candidates standing at this election know that compassionate Australians don’t want children in detention.

Sample letter to politicians 

We encourage you to send this letter to your local MP. Find your local MP by following this link.

You may also like to send this letter to politicians in other electorates, and especially those standing in marginal seats.

A list of these politicians can be found here.

  1. Post a photo on Instagram @BefriendAChildInDetention, and #ThisMattersToMe: Raise awareness of this campaign and encourage friends to participate by posting a #ThisMattersToMe selfie highlighting what matters to you.

Here are some examples posted by others.

  1. Request some This Matters To Me postcards to distribute in your community or post to local candidates: We have produced an attractive postcard that highlights the key issues of this campaign. You can distribute these cards to friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues (and strangers!), and encourage them to send cards on to candidates to make their own views known.

Place an order by emailing

Let us know how many cards you would like to distribute, and your mailing address.

When we speak up, we can make a difference!