Send a Letter of Support to Refugee Children

The purpose of this program is to send a message of support and friendship to refugee and asylum seeker children sent to Nauru by the Australian Government. Children living in detention do not have the same opportunities as other children to communicate, socialise and learn. Their circumstances are poor, limited and oppressive. Children feel and reproduce the stress, anxiety and depression of the adults living around them.

Receiving messages of support is both a pleasure and a distraction from the tedium and anxiety of life on Nauru. It also connects the children to the outside world, and reminds and reassures them that there are many people who care about them.

Please be as creative as you like when creating your message of support. You may like to draw a picture, write a poem, or simply decorate your message with lots of colour.

Children on Nauru may wish to reply to your letter, so please include your postal address and/or an email address on each letter (not just on your envelope). If you receive a reply, please let us know by emailing We would love to hear about this connection. 

Letter Writing Guide

Read our Letter Writing Guide for handy hints about writing your messages of support.

Upload your letter of support

If you cannot post your letter to us you can also scan or photograph your letter of support and upload it through our website by filling out a simple form and uploading a JPEG or PDF file.

For people wanting to send messages of support please use this form

For teachers wanting to send messages of support on behalf of their students please use this form

Why are we now posting letters online?

The letter writing program established by the Befriend a Child in Detention Project has been a huge success. We have sent thousands of letters of support to children in detention, written by people from all around Australia. We are now looking to expand this program by publishing letters of support to children in detention on our website and social media accounts.

By posting letters online we can spread our message of support to a greater number of children. Rather than sending one letter to one child we can post hundreds of messages to be viewed by hundreds of children.

Children on Nauru have access to the Internet and will be able to view letters of support through our website. Additionally, messages of support can also be read by children currently living in community detention arrangements in Australia. These children are experiencing hardship due to the uncertainty surrounding their refugee status and the feeling of limbo that this creates. Children in community detention arrangements therefore also need our support.

View your message in our Messages of Support Album

If you are sending your letters to us in the mail please write a comment if you would like to give us permission to publish these letters online.

Our Project Coordinator will vet and moderate letters received to ensure that the content is appropriate. You will then be able to see your letter in this album. Letters of support will also be posted on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

If you have any questions please email