Send a Postcard

Raise awareness for the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers by distributing postcards in your community and/or sending postcards to politicians.

These cards list What Matters To Us:

  • Children are still in detention: More than 100 children who have sought Australia’s protection are still living in appalling, detention-like conditions on Nauru; a further 317 children are living in community detention limbo in Australia.
  • Australia is a bad global citizen: Our government is flouting international treaty obligations and evading humanitarian responsibilities.
  • No long term plan: Record low levels of foreign aid mean that we are not helping to address the problems which drive desperate people to our shores.

These postcards were designed by children’s writer and illustrator Gabrielle Wang.

These postcards have a blank address space, allowing you to send them to anyone you like.

We recommend sending these postcards to politicians to send a strong message that ending the detention of children matters to you. 

Order a bunch of cards from us (free of charge) by emailing Please provide your name, mailing address and the number of postcards you would like.