Letter Writing to the Government

Find the contact details for your local MP or Senator

Follow this link to find your local MP and Senator.

Download a list of Cross Bench Senators here.



  1. Clarify your key message
    What is the change that you want this politician to enact? One simple, clear message that is the central purpose for writing this letter.
  1. Define your argument
    What are the reasons that you have taken on this view? What is your understanding of this situation and why is it important to you and your community?
  1. Confrontation, not conflict
    Speak with respect. Avoid demands, offensive statements, jargon and personal attacks. The aim is to find a common middle ground on which a productive conversation can be had; a person will not be bullied into forming an opposing view.
  1. Define the next steps
    What do you want the politician to do after reading your letter? Reconsider a policy? Give you some information? Introduce a change? Be clear about what action you want taken and request a response.
  1. Keep it concise
    A one page letter of no more than 250 words (handwritten is a nice touch!).


Full name and title/role
Organisation (if applicable)
Address/contact details


Dear Prime Minister ________/Senator_______/Minister_______/Member_________,

 Re: ____”insert your central message here”_________





I ask you to consider the following actions:






I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours Sincerely,


Address & contact details




Refugee Council letter Writing Guide

DASSAN letter writing resources

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