Links, Not Chains: Project for Schools

The project ‘Links, Not Chains’ is designed to allow schools across Australia to show their support for the children held in detention. Its aim is to promote a sense of compassion among children by raising awareness of the circumstances of children in detention.

The ‘Links, Not Chains’ project celebrates our links through multiculturalism and the wonderful contribution made to our country by generations of refugees. Using their creative skills and imagination, schoolchildren are encouraged to create images and performances that reflect their hopes and dreams, and their bonds of friendship with the children in detention.

The project culminates in the creation of paper links as a school community  to symbolically show support for the children held in detention. By inviting members of the community to be involved and add a link we hope to raise awareness about the children held in detention.

The project can be held at any time during the school year so please get involved. Our easy to use Resource Kit (attached below) allows you to easily run a Links, Not Chains program with your class.

This kit includes websites for lesson plans, lists of story books about asylum seekers and much more. Please use these resources as a guide, and adapt the program to suits the needs and interests of your school community.

Links, Not Chains Resource Kit

For further information contact:
Lisa Leening [leeninglisa(at)]

Leadership Team | Befriend a Child in Detention