Donate Books and Resources

The Befriend a Child in Detention project supports children in detention by providing them with books and other resources to bring them joy and stimulation, and let them know they are not forgotten.

Children living in detention have limited access to books and education. Day to day life can be monotonous, and children feel and reproduce the stress, anxiety and depression of the adults living around them.

By sending books and writing and drawing materials to children refugee and asylum seeker children we help to counteract some of the tedium of life in detention. Books have the ability to spread joy, promote imagination, inspire creativity and encourage learning, and we know from the children themselves that they wish to express themselves in writing and drawing.

The Facts:

The latest statistics from contacts on Nauru tell us that there are currently:

Approximately 195 – 204 asylum seeker and refugee children living on Nauru.

These children range from 0-17 years old. We have been told there are currently

26 children of Preschool age

84 children of Primary School age

63 children of Secondary School age

*Please note these statistics change frequently, due to the lack of detailed information provided by the Australian government it is hard to know the exact numbers and ages of refugee and asylum seeker children on Nauru. 

How to help?

The Befriend a Child in Detention project is planning its sixth shipment of books, letters and resources to send to children living on Nauru.

We are asking for donations of brand new books for children, including:

  • Picture books

  • Poetry

  • Novels

  • Riddles & joke books

  • Educational resources for children of every age.

We are aware of a great desire for learning among many of the children held on Nauru and furthermore, of their desire to express themselves through journal writing, illustrations and poetry. Children on Nauru are isolated and feel educationally and culturally adrift, so in our next tranche of books to the children, we plan to include:

  • Blank exercise books, notebooks and diaries

  • Writing & drawing materials

Please note, we only accept donations of new books and items. We intend for our donations to be viewed as a gift by the children, for this reason we prefer to only send items in new condition.

To donate: 

Please send any donations to

Befriend a Child in Detention project

P.O Box 1282, Carlton, Victoria, 3053

If you would prefer to donate money to allow us to purchase resources on your behalf please deposit your financial donation into this account:

BSB: 083-170 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 20127-2889

Please write the following in the description on recipient’s statement
Your full name. Donation to BCD.

You may also drop off your donation at the Church of All Nations in Carlton.

180 Palmerston St, Carlton

Drop off days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Drop off times: Between 10am – 2pm
Please contact reception before you drop off the books to ensure there is a staff member working at the time: (03) 9347 7077. 

Please email us at after making a donation so we can send you a tax deductible receipt.

If you have any questions please contact us at