Buy Anja & Zlatna ‘Live in Concert’ and support the Befriend a Child in Detention project

img_1581Looking for a special gift? Why not the Anja & Zlatna DVD!

Not only will you delight someone with beautiful music, but the $30 you spend will support another human in need; all sale proceeds go to the Befriend a Child in Detention project.

Ensemble Anja & Zlatna is known for its beautiful melodic lines and complex rhythms from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and beyond. The ensemble’s unique sound comes from the unusual blend of flute, bass, percussion, uilleann pipes, mouth harp, harpsichord and voices. Their music, enhanced with Baroque improvisations, is both moving and invigorating. In this live performance, Anja & Zlatna explore the phenomena of love, dreams, nature, and the integral questions of existence which have long found expression through folk music.

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Ruse Kose (Serbia) & Instrumental Presrev by Prince Cantemir (Turkey)

Izvoru (Serbia; composed by Marjan Babić, lyrics by Momčilo Nastasijević (1894 —1938)

Stamena (Macedonia)

Moldavian dance (Moldova)

AkiPaki song (Hungary)

Lugatu (Italy)

Malaguena Salerosa (Mexico)

Jovano, Jovanke (Macedonia)

Moj Dilbere (Bosnia)

Ergen Deda (Bulgaria)

Mi mou timonis (Greece)

Radujsja Nevesto (Hymn in   Church-   Slavonic)

Video & sound production Leo Dale & Jem Savage

Aleksandra Acker – artistic director, voice

Kirsty Morphett – voice, guitar

Donald Nicolson – harpsichord

Andrew Tanner – double bass, mouth harp

Matthew Horsley – percussion, uilleann pipe

Michael O’Connor – flute

Phillip Taseski – clarinet

Website:                                     Facebook Page: Anja & Zlatna

Contact Aleksandra (Anja) Acker 0418174047